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    The Nature of Things (releases 06-26-12)

    Born in 2004 out of the thriving music scene in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, The Daredevil Christopher Wright unites brothers Jon and Jason Sunde with the percussion and vocals of friend Jesse Edgington. Their first full length album In Deference to a Broken Back, an expansive and collaborative effort, was released through Amble Down Records. Their sophomore album, 2012‘s The Nature of Things, is a result of asking what can be created by three men at ease with their instruments; storytellers at heart.

    Where In Deference enlisted the help of a large group of friends and fellow musicians, The Nature of Things scales back. Recorded by Patrick Stolley, founding engineer for the celebrated music blog Daytrotter, the album reflects simplicity.

    “With The Nature Of Things, we made an intentional effort to focus and tighten the writing. To try to confine the arrangements to elements that the three of us could perform,” says Jon.

    Their classical voice training and pleasing, sometimes unexpected harmonies are evident throughout the album in pieces such as “Church” and “Ames, IA,” where we we are allowed to glimpse, in eavesdropped conversations—a couple divorcing, a meth addict begging for freedom and church bells tolling for no other reason but that the dead rest below.

    Like the Wanderer who returns home only to find what’s already “written on the spine of every holy lowly man, woman, creature, and child,” the experience of seeing something in its stripped away form is “a love letter in kind” (“Andrew the Wanderer”), a gift to those who “keep hobbled hopes under lock and key” (“We Fold Inside of Us”). “The world is full of many things to be loved and despised, but also simply seen,” says Jason. “What is the nature of things? You’re looking at it, however it may be, right now.”

    Recent History

    The band toured across the US in support of In Deference to a Broken Back and then in Europe after the release of the record there in 2010. 

    They subsequently recorded a new record at futureappletree studio too in Davenport, IA with Patrick Stolley, who also engineers with that wonderful recording project, Daytrotter.

    Most recently, they toured the breadth of their neighbors to the north supporting Canadian rising star Dan Mangan.


    "Here’s something great. With lightness, vigour & appetite, these Wisconsin folkies set themselves apart from all the lonelies and weepies." - Said The Gramophone

    "Much like the death-defying motorcycle jumping performance artist for which they’ve named themselves, this Wisconsin trio is fearless in their pursuit of artistic glory." - My Old Kentucky Blog

    The Longsuffering Song EP holds a kind of memorial warmth that comes with classical tales of monsters and maidens” - Southern Souls

    "The Daredevil Christopher Wright push a brand of breezy yet intelligent wordplay that does just enough to make you pause for thought, or crack a smile…" - Listen Before You Buy


    The Nature of Things (File Under: Music 06-26-12)
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    In Deference to a Broken Back (Amble Down Records 2009, Almost Musique 2010)
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