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  • Split 7” with Cuddle Magic

    National Public Radio’s All Songs Considered premiered our song ‘A Man of the Arts’ today on their blog today. The song is our contribution to a split 7” record with Cuddle Magic set to release this Tuesday on File Under: Music.

    Saying that we’re very excited to release this record with Cuddle Magic is a start but not nearly half way to describing how happy we are with this turn of events. Listen to them.

    Then come out for the real thing as we tour together in late October:

    10/27 - Beloit, WI - Beloit College, Coughy Haus
    10/29 - Fairfield, IA - Cafe Paradiso*
    10/30 - Winona, MN - Some Sum Studio*
    10/31 - Eau Claire, WI - The State Theater, Backstage Concert Series*
    11/01 - Iowa City, IA - The Mill*
    11/02 - Madison, WI - UW-Madison, Der Rathskeller*
    11/03 - Grand Rapids, MI - Lamp Light Music Festival*
    11/04 - Oberlin, OH - Oberlin College, The Cat in the Cream*
    11/05 - Pittsburgh, PA - Howler’s Coyote Cafe*
    11/08 - Saratoga Springs, NY - Putnam Den*
    11/09 - Somerville, MA - Radio Bar*
    11/10 - Brooklyn, NY - The Rock Shop*
    11/16 - Minneapolis, MN - Hennepin Church Rocks

    * = w/ Cuddle Magic

  • Pale Horse, Pale Rider Video Premiere

    Check out the music video for our song “Pale Horse, Pale Rider” premiering today on La Blogotheque.


  • Second teaser for the Pale Horse, Pale Rider video.

  • "Pale Horse, Pale Rider" - la video - premieres Friday on La Blogotheque.

  • August Dates: Reconciliation/Party Tour

    (invite your friends and enemies)

    08-01 Chicago, IL - Subterranean *
    08-02 Iowa City, IA - The Mill *
    08-03 Cincinnati, OH - Motr Pub *
    08-04 Lakewood, OH - Mahall’s *
    08-07 Toronto, ON - The Horseshoe Tavern
    08-09 Woodstock, NB - Dooryard Arts Festival
    08-10 Fredericton, NB - The Capital Bar
    08-11 Anagance, NB - Messtival 5
    08-12 Halifax, NS - The Bus Stop Theatre
    08-14 Brooklyn, NY - The Knitting Factory *
    08-15 Boston, MA - Great Scott *
    08-16 Biddeford, ME - The Oak and the Ax
    08-17 Providence, RI - Local 121
    08-18 Williamstown, MA - Billsville House Concert
    08-19 Shippensburg, PA - The Thought Lot
    08-23 Kalamazoo, MI - The Old Dog Tavern
    08-24 Grand Rapids, MI - The Bird House
    08-25 Fort Wayne, IN - The Brass Rail

    * with Via Audio

    Find more details for all these events in our Facebook events section.

  • The Nature of Things out in North America

    Yes. (fist pump)

    With this release we’ve got distribution across the US and Canada so you can find the record at your local independent record store. And if they’re not carrying it yet, you could ask them to pick it up.

    Or, if you don’t live near a record store you can order it through our label - File Under: Music - in your choice of CD, digital, or vinyl format.

    For you friends in Europe, hang tight for a while. The record will be released there first digitally on August 27 and then physically on September 21. You can pre-order it here.

  • Divorce is The Current Song of the Day

    Super thrilled that The Current, my favorite radio station, would pick Divorce from The Nature of Things as today’s song of the day!

  • Stream The Nature of Things from Exclaim! for a limited time

  • Willows v. Daredevil Album Release (Minneapolis, June 23)

    1. Jason (Daredevil): Peter, thanks for sitting down with me for this interview. It's sort of like a little tea party. I think every interview should have skittles, don't you?
    2. Peter Miller (We are the Willows): Probably, I do think that.
    3. J: Let's do this one with our shirts tucked in.
    4. P: Already there.
    5. J: Can I offer you a beverage of your choice?
    6. P: Luke warm water with egg whites?
    7. J: Ok. Here you are.
    8. P: Thanks one million times.
    9. J: So, The Cedar Cultural Center. June 23. Your band. My band. Kalispell band. That will happen.
    10. P: You bet your bottom dollar it will! I'm going to try to get my Grandma Lindahl there. She brings the party!
    11. J: Will you play that song Santa Fe at the show? We've got this foot pedal that you could use to switch on sweet vocal reverb at the end if you want.
    12. P: No we won't because I always just want to sing that "Sante Fe" song from the movie Newsies instead. And it gets real heart breaking after a while.
    13. J: Somehow I think you could teach me some secrets of chitting the chat. Do you get into that much? Will you teach me your ways?
    14. P: Well my young grasshopper, first you must master the art of shooting the shit with a chatty cathy or a gift of gab, then you might be able to talk the talk and chit the chat.
    15. J: Without looking on your Facebook page do you remember how you expressed your religious views there?
    16. P: Harry Potter+Aslan=Frodo Baggins? That shit's biblical!
    17. J: Very good!
    18. P: I was in Awanas as a kid. You know...with the vests...and animal patches...nevermind.
    19. J: You're a teacher, Peter. What age group do you work with again?
    20. P: 5 and 6 year olds.
    21. J: How's that been going lately? I know a teacher who says her kids were really hateful a few weeks back. Do I smell an epidemic?
    22. P: They're all turning into monsters. Its all them liberals with their hippie feel goodery! JK. Kids are literally the best. So are hippie liberals.
    23. J: Your professional opinion. Is there such a thing as a dumb question?
    24. P: There are so many dumb questions. Especially from 5 year olds.
    25. J: You can sing really high. Much higher than me and I'm dealing with my envy.
    26. P: Check my religious beliefs bro. What Would Harry Potter-Aslan-Frodo Baggins Do?
    27. J: I think it must be universal that boys in middle school choirs made jokes about pummeling their (how can I soften the blow?) "nuts" in order to sing the high notes. Same at your school?
    28. P: I came from a school of thought where if you could sing high, it meant you didn't have any nuts. Pummeling nuts. Owee! But one thing is for sure, there was definitely talk of some kind of monkey business goin' on down there.
    29. J: So funny. But somehow their intuition was correct, you know? Have you heard of the castrati?
    30. P: Whoa. He is a king among men, a prince among thieves! Wait...are you tryin' to say I've tampered with my gooseberries?!?!
    31. J: This interview is getting too long.
    32. P: Hold on one minute!
    33. J: Let's end it by you asking me a question.
    34. P: Have you ever been to Butts, Georgia?
  • Caroline v. Daredevil Album Release Show (Eau Claire, June 22)

    1. Jason (Daredevil): Let's get this out of the way. Caroline, pretend we have a problem.
    2. Caroline Smith (Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps): A problem? As in skunk in barnyard, peeyew? or frogs in the gas tank, boom boom?
    3. J: Damn! What are we going to do about that?
    4. C: Peeyew and boom boom.
    5. J: I don't think that's gonna work.
    6. C: suit yourself
    7. J: I recently heard you've been listening to soul music. How is your soul feeling or, if that's too personal, do you have a spirit animal?
    8. C: My soul is feeling more soulful after soulfully writing some soulful soul tune. My spirit animal is probably a whale because they just get to drift and sing all day. sing and drift.
    9. J: What's the best spirit animal you've heard of?
    10. C: An alien.
    11. J: Are you playing any new songs on June 22 when you open for our album release show at the Grand Little Theater that's by that one walking bridge across the river to old downtown in Eau Claire, WI?
    12. C: Yeah, some of our new songs will include "Darkness Darkness", "Animal of Choice", and "San Francisco". These will all be originals that we have written. Yep, 100% authentic Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps material. It will be on our new record coming out June 26th called "The Nature Of Things".
    13. J: Awesome.
    14. C: I know.
    15. J: We'll have a subwoofer at that show. Happy or sad face?
    16. C: So happy!! The happiest face! Like I-just-ate-chocolate cake-and-I'm-smiling-with-it-all stuck-in-my-teeth happy face!
    17. J: If I asked you to say "Hi" to your band mates would you: do it, say you would then not, or tell me you wouldn't?
    18. C: My band and I only talk through music; it's the only form of communication we know. But tonight I will write a guitar solo that delineates me saying hi to them from you. I will call it "me saying hi to them from you".
    19. J: What is with people telling someone else to say "Hi" for them?
    20. C: Alexander Graham Bell would have something to say on the issue.
    21. J: Ok. To wrap up, do you remember that one time when you used that vocal effect to sound like a man?
    22. C: yes. it's one of my favorite things to do in the whole world. because if you're a girl singing into the male modulator, for some reason you sound like an old gay black man. I have no idea about the physics behind that, I just know it's a 100% proven and arguable fact.
    23. J: jason.
    24. C: caroline.